Thursday, September 17, 2009

long week..

oh hello there.

Sorry sorry, I had a really busy week. I was out of town some and also have been moving offices this week AND getting ready to leave in the wee hours go home to Arkansas this weekend for some family time. My sister is turning 40 this weekend and my brother in law is throwing her a SHIN-DIG. I can't give all the deets because, along with the other two of you, she reads this blog. But remember when I was asking about dancey-ish songs? That was for something for this--is that vague enough? ok, fine, there's a party favor CD. It was going to be all DANCE MUSIC, but after fretting and handwringing and consulting way too many iTunes compliations featuring music by people that I have seriously ZERO idea how people dance to this crap and I'm not trying to be all John Lithgow in Footloose about it, I'm just saying, SERIOUSLY, I can't even snap my fingers to this and I know I don't have -airquotes- RHYTHM, per se, but I came to the conclusion that either dancey music gets kindof annoying after a while or maybe I just get bored easily. Plus, I think it might be physically impossible for me to complete a mix without putting something by either Barry Manilow or John Denver on there. I blame my parents directly, specifically, their 8-track stereo and massive collection of albums (i.e. four or five) consisting primarily of Back Home Again, An Evening with John Denver and Barry Manilow's Greatest Hits. I am pretty positive the other two were Linda Rondstat's Blue Bayou and the Burl Ive's Christmas Album, so thanks mom and dad! You know, our parents were born in 1942, graduated high school in 1960, you would think that would have put them directly on a collision path with the counterculture and social revolutions of that decade, but I gotta tell ya: um, NOPE. My parents are all John, Paul, George and Ringo WHO? Did they go to our church? ANYWAY, my point is, I finished the CD, but it's a little less dancey, a little more heavy on the songs that we may or may not have been belting out in the backseat of my mom's 50 foot long Ford LTD.

Here is the final playlist. Let me know if you want a copy. I might have a few (hundred) extra.

1. Rockin Robin
2. Just Dance
3. Don't Stop til you get enough
4. Dancing Queen
5. Hey Ya
6. She's a Bad Mamma Jamma
7. Stayin' Alive
9. Atomic Dog
10. Poker Face
11. Centerfold
12. Jive Talkin
13. Copacabana
14. Thank God I'm a Country Boy
15. Family Tradition
16. Red Red Wine
17. a special treat, you'll just have to listen

I'll be checking in over the weekend and maybe with even some pictures and/or video= TREAT, huh?

yall have a good Friday.

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Suzy said...

Great playlist! I want one. Have great time in AR, and Happy Birthday Robyn!