Monday, September 07, 2009

So, Saturday was Hopper's Half Birthday. SIX MONTHS OLD! Wow, that seems crazy to me. In some ways it went by very fast, but only when I forget about that seven week period of getting two hours of sleep a night in 45 minute increments or how achingly long that first day back at work was. Those times were sllooooowwww. We're still learning new things every day. Here recently it's been about hearing loss..and how that can be exacerbated by the child who thinks supersonic screeches are HI-LARIOUS. Parenting-wise, I feel like my diaper changing skills are finally to Pit Crew Level Efficiency...or they were until he started doing this half back-flip with a twist thing and now, quite frankly, I'm at a loss. But for the most part?

We cool.


Juliet said...

Happy Half-Birthday, little man!

Mert said...

6 months already? Oh, how time flies! As for the back flip with a twist, oh yeah. I know that one. Throw a blanket over his face. Works like a charm. Just be sure to remove if he hasn't already) once diaper changing is complete. ;-)