Wednesday, October 28, 2009

After three attempts, I can definitively say that the baby costume I plotted, planned and bought TWELVE MONTHS ago induces purply-faced screaming on intended infant-wearer. No one warned me about this.. I find nothing in the literature. Plan B in effect. Related: if anyone would like to buy a practically brand new baby dragon plush costume, holla.

C, try to refrain from making fun of me for my use of that last word. You know me, I'm all about keeping up with the lingo of 2002.


Anonymous said...

oh were always one of my hippest friends!! haha CES
PS u couldnt get Hop in the costume long enough for a quick pic?? You could put that lil chinese outfit back on him...that would be a good Halloween costume and he seemed to enjoy it...haha...does it still fit him?

Stinkydog said...

I know, right? I'm so down with the hizzie. (I have no idea what that means, btw).

oh and no, the chinese outfit would not fit around his right thigh at this point. He's wearing size 12-18mth stuff right now. That outfit was a 6mth..

I might try to capture the purple-y face screaming for you at lunch. Maybe it'll clear his sinuses.

Robyn said...

I actually thought about him in a costume when you kept posting about him hating the moustache. That's horrible. Maybe he'll go for it later on, just keep putting it on him.

Steph said...

Is he old enough to eat gummy bears yet? Because Saul will do almost anything I want now as long as the gummy bears keep coming.

Perhaps that isn't the wisest parenting decision I will ever make, but you've got to have priorities. And a picture of a 2 year old in a chicken costume is a priority.