Tuesday, October 27, 2009

yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. It has been a busy few days. Not made any easier by the LAUNDRY KILLER foster pup. Funny story: I told yall how she eats socks, right? She also eats underwear. It doesn't matter if you still have the underwear on your body, by the way. She tried to eat Sam's the other night while he was sleeping and ended up biting his ass. It cracked me up...mainly because it didn't even wake him up. He just sort of clenched his butt cheeks and rolled over. (you're welcome, honey). Oh and she and Bean with the neverending quest to eat each other's nose. Just imagine this video in a constant loop, for about FOURTEEN HOURS A DAY. Yeah. I'm a little ready for her to move along.


Juliet said...

LMAO at the butt bitin' and cheek clenchin'.

Robyn said...

I think Hop is getting dizzy in that walker just trying to keep up with them.