Monday, November 23, 2009

A little music with your turkey..

It occurred to me this year that although I've never met a Halloween or a Christmas playlist I didn't like, I've never made one for Thanksgiving.. let's remedy that, shall we? Here's what I put together (all available on iTunes)--you have plenty of time to make your own for Thursday if you get right on it! (or hey, email me, I'll make you one)

1. I've Got Plenty to be Thankful For -- Bing Crosby
2. I Thank You--Sam and Dave
3. Making Pies-Patty Griffin
4. Frim Fram Sauce--Nat King Cole
5. Dinner Bell--They Might Be Giants
6. Thanksgiving Song--Adam Sandler
7. Mashed Potatoes--Rufus Thomas
8. Hey Good Lookin'--Ray Charles
9. I want a Little in my Bowl--Nina Simone
10. Gravy--Dee Dee Sharp
11.Yummy Yummy Yummy, I Got Love in My Tummy--The Ohio Express
12. Pencil Full of Lead--Paolo Nutini
13. Lonely Holiday--Old '97s
14. Harvest Moon--Neil Young
15. Meat off the Bone--The Gourds
16. Lets Call it Off--Harry Connick, Jr.
17. Eat It--Weird Al Yankovic
18 Thank You--Dido
19. Roly Poly-The Little Willies
20. Little Ol' Wine Drinker Me--Dean Martin
21 Brandy Alexander-Feist

So, this is just a little over an hour long: plenty of time for the eating portion of your day, though if you've got some really big appetites, might I suggest adding a little "Alice's Restaurant"... awww man, let's just add that one here. Anything I'm missing?

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Anonymous said...

Ok- I want this...can you make me a Thanksgiving Music Medley please:-) CES