Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hey yall, I hope you are enjoying this short week. At our house thus far? not so much yet. Both Sam and I have been so busy at work that we've had to resort to outsourcing the shopping. Hopper-do is having a case of the snot weasels again which is no fun for any of us. I will spare you the details other than to say that if I so much as pick up the nose aspirator in a far room on the opposite side of the house and tiptoe an INCH towards him, the howling begins. One bright spot: he came to work with me for a bit yesterday. My coworkers decided to entertain him by letting him pick an ornament off the tree to play with--to which I say a).you must have that period of time when you had kids that ate christmas ornaments completely blocked from your memory, huh? and b).what?? why is our christmas tree up already?? At any rate, his ornament of choice was fortuitous because it finally gives us a reason to say (all together now)

and that makes our week, such as it has been. Yall have a lovely holiday--if you get bored, check in here, I'm thinking of live blogging the cooking tomorrow and posting some video so you can see what it's like when 14 people completely immerse our heads in a trough of butter.


Robyn said...

at what time does the BUTTAH count start?

Juliet said...

Definitely need MORE COWBELL! (I had to go watch the SNL skit again - Will Farrell just cracks me up, lol)

Hope you guys had a wonderful Thanksgiving!