Wednesday, December 02, 2009

If you're out and about in the next couple of weekends and neeeeeed a pet photo with Santa, Cocker Spaniel Rescue is hosting several events. All are at Petsmart and all are 11am to 4pm. 50% of proceeds go directly to CSR and the rest goes to Petsmart Charities who also cut us a bit of a check. Sadly, I will not be Santa this year at any of them. I have been saying that for the last four years and that hasn't seemed to work out for me, not even when I was hugely pregnant last year (baby belly makes a good santa, who knew?) but this year, I WILL NOT BE &@*(ing SANTA. I'm thinking if I repeat this to myself a few (hundred) times, it might stick this year. As always, folks, I recommend you leave the kittles at home. They really, really hate you for this stuff. Your dog probably doesn't truly enjoy it either, but can be easily bribed.

Anyway, here are the dates/locations:

Sun. Dec.6th Petsmart at Balcones Woods Dr./183
Sat. Dec.12th Petsmart at Mueller (Barbara Jordan Dr/I-35)
Sun. Dec. 13th Petsmart at Balcones Woods Dr/183
Sun. Dec. 13th Petsmart at Hwy 71/Bee Caves

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Older not wiser said...

Loved you as the Easter Bunny too.