Friday, January 22, 2010

oh yay, Friday made here after all. I know I haven't even given yall a trip rundown yet. We had a good time. Sam and I got to see approximately double the amount of movies we've seen in a theater since Hopper was born. (two). We had lots of good food, got to spend time with relatives we don't get to see very often (because they live in the frozen snowy northern tundra) and just lots of relaxing in general. Here are some more farm pix I don't think you've seen.

This was taken Monday morning from the bed, the day after the new snow had fallen. In my head, this picture was going to be a lot more artsy.

This is the milk house located just to the right outside the backdoor of the farmhouse. It's often mistaken for an outhouse, but no. It's cute, huh?

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know. Snow is pretty.

This is me on the last day. It wasn't really foggy, we had just accidentally dropped my camera in a snowdrift. I think the effect goes a long way to hide how pained I look that I am standing in the snow.

We had a playdate on the last morning with Anna and Jacob, two year old twins whose parents have a country house just down the street. They had lots and lots of toys. Here you see the Hop having a faceoff with Tigger. He can't figure out whether to hug him or try to fit him in his mouth.

So, you guys have fun plans this weekend?


Robyn said...

weren't those twins just born when you got married and they brought them to the reception or something?? I remember them!

I think Hopper is thinking "what were they thinking coming up with this toy?"

Stinkydog said...

yeah, they were! they were like 3-4 months old or something at the wedding. You probably met their parents-Stuart and Abby.

The Tigger actually jumped up and down and threatened to make you dance. it was a little intimidating, to be honest.