Wednesday, January 13, 2010

So what do you guys have going on this week? Sam, Hopper and I are all heading out at the hineycrack of dawn tomorrow to go to the Farm in Upstate New York. There is snow there, I'm told. Sigh. Yes, I know that snow is really very pretty and you can strap things onto your feet or your butt and zoom around on top of it and all, but still: not my favorite thing. It's very hard for me to get past the notion that all it is is cold sticky rain that gets my socks cold and wet and makes my hands turn red and hurtie. You're thinking to yourself, man, you just need to get the right gear! And to that, I say naah, I don't. You know why? I don't like snow. It's ok, though. I've successfully avoided it for the last twelve years so I'm probably due a flake or two. I'll power through it.

We have to be at the airport at 4am. There will be less powering through and more dragging and whimpering at that point. Air travel with a baby for us, as you may remember, has sometimes been a dicey proposition; however, this time I have a plan: his dad gets to hold him. It'll be fine. I'll pack him a rubberized poncho and some garbage bags. And some lye.

Anyway, so hopefully I'll be able to check in with you from up there. I'll take snow pictures, I promise. They'll be from the vantage point of inside in front of the fireplace, but I'm sure you'll see some white stuff. Have a great rest of the week!


Juliet said...

Now, you know we need pics of Hop in the snow. You DO know that, right?

So you're just gonna have to suck up the fear, pile as many clothes as you can on (the Stay Puft Man ain't gonna have nuthin' on YOU, baby) and take those winter wonderland shots like the pro we know you are.

Anonymous said...

sounds fun!! Have a great time!! love-Court