Monday, March 15, 2010

Hey there. We're back. Man, that was a fast weekend. There was a bunch of eating, some vodka, baby wrangling, duck lips...

You know what duck lips are, right? Let me go ahead and warn you not to look that term up on Wikipedia because it will ask you "Are you sure you didn't mean dick lips?." Um, yeah, I'm pretty positive I didn't mean dick lips, but thank you for asking.** Duck Lips are that thing that people born 1993 or after do when you say "smile" for the camera--often accompanied by awkward handsigns that signal either gang affiliation or bad finger cramps. Here, we'll show you:

There are a couple of things you should know about these photos:

1) my sister (in the pink) is not drunk. She is just this goofy.
2) I, apparently, do not know how to do duck lips.
3) Mel was sick, and still more fancy than we were, damn her.

Kids, don't do the duck lips. You look silly, I'm talking, like this or worse-- That should scare anyone straight, right? now get off my lawn.

**note: and now that this term has been introduced to my brain, I am finding myself completely incapable of not using it, as in "Nice turn signal there, Dick Lips". Thank you so much, Wikipedia.


Robyn said...

that still makes me laugh! I'm just glad that your first post home wasn't another 'baby shitting in the airplane' story!!

SpiritPhoenix said...

We always called that the "Zoolander" pose. Great post!

Mel Francis said...

Yay for Duck Lips!