Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Sorry for being so absentee, but we're still sicklish over here. I succumbed to the funk on Sunday and it's just been a barrel of pukey laughs ever since. Hop is doing better, but still a little funky. For some reason I can't explain I started I trying to come up with alternate ways to describe that which happens in his diaper on a distressing frequency, so I started referring to it as "party in his pants" as in, "Was that just audio or was there a party in his pants?"

Sam reported back to me: "It wasn't a very good party, but it was very well attended."

wash your hands yall, stay away from pale, sweaty people (unless they are regularly pale and sweaty, in which case, maybe invite them outside for a picnic or something). try and stay healthy!


Mel Francis said...

bless y'all hearts. Hang in there.

Juliet said...

For the rest of my life, the term "party in his pants" will never ever mean what it USED to mean to me. Sigh.