Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear Universe,

I suppose you find it funny that in less than 24 hours I have been peed on, as in URINE SPRAY ON MY BODY, not once, but TWICE. Yeah. Ha ha. Once from Hopper who has opted to enter the "terrible twos" a full 10 months early, I'm guessing so he can go ahead and get it over with. The other soaking provided ever so helpfully at 5:45 this morning by that little black rat with hair issues, Teddy. I know. It's all my fault. What was I thinking when I decided to cruelly change my son's diaper when he DIDN'T FEEL LIKE IT, MOM, HOW DARE YOU. And then I opted to take more than five seconds walking the puppy to the back porch for his potty break. SILLY ME. I'm glad this is giving you a chuckle, Universe. BECAUSE I AM NOT LAUGHING.


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Older not wiser said...

sorry your day isn't off to a good start