Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Holy crap, did you guys realize that Sunday is the Fourth of July?? What the? When did that happen? I thought it was still May. So, yeah, time to go buy some meat for the grill and completely unsafe for children pyrotechnics. I had a brief, momentary loss of reason where I thought for a second, "hey the weather has been rainy, we could DO FIREWORKS!" Yeah, I don't know why I thought that could work. Hopper is currently terrified of the WADING POOL. I'm pretty sure Sparklers might be outside his capacity for now. Especially if he takes after me in any way shape or form. I was scared of fireworks til I was like twelve..OK FINE, I might still be a little skittish. But can you blame me? God, do you remember the fireworks for kids in the 70's?? What were those things-- WHISTLING CHASERS. Do you remember those? You lit them and they just went batshit crazy SPARKING and SPITTING FIRE spinning and barrelling around about a 20ft area and you just had to run on your skinny little 5 year old legs as fast as you could before you went up in flames. Yeah. Good times. Or if you lived in a neighborhood like mine, you had to survive the Bottle Rocket War. That was always the older kids, forming teams and playing this sick game of hide and seek where spotting someone meant you tried to shoot a bottle rocket so that it would explode as close as possible to someone's head til someone ran out of firepower. My brother bought bottle rockets by the Gross for WEEKS in preparation, so these things lasted til like, August. Looking back, it's really amazing we all made it to adulthood with all our fingers and toes...oh wait, my brother is actually missing a toe (bike accident). Nevermind.

Maybe Hop will be up for a little Boston Pops and frozen yogurt? Inside. Sitting next to a fire extinguisher. With our noise-cancelling headphones on.


Suzy said...

I totally feel you. It is not a holiday for infants and toddlers. I love sparklers, but that's about it.

Robyn said...

were you there when I got that sparkler stuck on my thigh in the Bellott's driveway?? You can still faintly see that scar.

Juliet said...

Hey Robyn,

Was that before or after we moved away? Because I kinda sorta maybe might remember that. At least, I remember SOMETHING with a lot of screaming.

Robyn said...

I think you guys were still there. I was trying to think of how old I was. I think I was around 9 or 10. And yes, I screamed my ass off because I dropped it and it was on my thigh and no one would pull it off. It just kept burning and finally fell off. nightmare city.