Monday, July 05, 2010

did yall have a nice Fourth? We had a pretty good one, spending the day mostly lazing about and then going to a cookout. Hopper tried the pool again. Yeah. He's still not convinced.
I made a cole slaw with buttermilk and pecans that seemed actually edible. No one even got sick! It was a Fourth of July miracle! no pictures of the slaw, sorry. But here's another one of the kid and a lemon. He likes his friend Lemon, as you know.
Today I am enjoying a day off from work, which is a good thing because the neighborhood hooligans were shooting their bottle rockets til about 3:30 am. rabble scrabble friggedy frack. I'm taking TWO naps today.

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Juliet said...

Lemon! Ol' buddy, ol' pal! Where ya been?