Tuesday, July 20, 2010

good morning, yall. I hope Monday was nice to you. So, I'm in the 2nd trimester now. For those who don't know, this is the time when all your nausea and morning sickness is supposed to start fading away and for the most part, I think that's probably true... HOWEVER...I heard a commercial for this in the car yesterday and almost had to pull over and retch.

Blue Bell Creameries is introducing a brand new flavor, Caramel Kettle Crunch Ice Cream, a creamy vanilla ice cream with crunchy caramel-coated popcorn and a smooth caramel sauce swirl.

acch. Just reading that made me gag. I don't know if I can currently think of anything more disgusting. Maybe hot mayonnaise.


Allison said...

Hmmm...I like caramel corn but this doesn't even sound good to me. I did just find a recipe for Maple Bacon Ice Cream, though. How's that sound?

Juliet said...

Oh, I can think of something.

How about a small bottle of milk that I forgot in my car for 2 weeks, during the hottest weather of the summer?