Friday, July 16, 2010

Last night I got about 2 and half hours of sleep. total. I think this was partially due to having to pee 8 separate times and having a teething 16mth old sleep horizontally across my pillow but then also, of course, sharing a bed with a person is 6'7 and "a cuddler" and two dogs, one with chronic flatulence.

I told Sam this morning that we either needed to buy a bigger bed or I was going to saw his elbows off. We may start shopping around. Anyone know of any good mattresses?


Shannono said...

We're in the market, too. Let me know what you decide on. I don't need a bigger one, just a newer one. Our mattress is 10 years old now, and "someone" has been jumping up and down on it for the last 5. Mmmm, lumpy.

Stinkydog said...

shannon, we're still in a queen. sigh. And it's, like, 9 years old and I cannot even tell you how many dogs have slept on it..

I think it's time.

Jenny said...

We looooove our tempur-pedic mattress. It's a wee bit pricey but so worth it. It has like a million year warranty too.