Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Good morning yall. How's your week been? And mine? eh: a'ight. I actually wrote a three-paragraph entry about the massive pimple on my chin yesterday and then decided to sit on it for a couple of hours because, although I know you love me, I'm not sure we're that big on sharing. I hope you appreciate these things I do for you. The pimple, by the way, is la-harge. Something having to do with all the additional hormones that course through your body when you're growing tiny humans. My voice is probably going to change next.. So, what else has been going on? me? still pregnant (this may be an ongoing theme here for a while). Anyway, I was in a meeting at work yesterday and without thinking about it, actually sat my notebook down on my stomach while I reached over to do something else. It stayed. I'm trying not to be concerned that I have a little over 5mths to go and my tum is already a coffee table.
Other than that, things seem to be grooving right along. The new thing this week is that I am pretty sure I can feel the baby already which is a little weirdish. Two weeks ago at our ultrasound we could see her doing the little back handsprings and bouncing off the walls, but I couldn't feel a thing. By this week, I'm on to her*. I remember last time I didn't feel anything for what seemed like forever. I think maybe when you're pregnant for the first time ever, you don't really recognize what it feels like, so you can have what you think are regular stomach growls or rumblings and not realize that you're getting pummeled. This time around I think I've figured out that either my intestines have learned the macarena, or the little kid is on the move, especially since: hey, your intestines aren't where they used to be anyway (hooray!..sarcasm). Anyway, it's all good, I don't mind. Just keep it down in there, kid.

*and yes, I realize I'm calling it a "her". No, we haven't had a confirmation, it's just a theory.


Older not wiser said...

Last time we were given the nickname "Nugget" so we had something to refer to-any names or nicknames for "her" yet?

Juliet said...

How about....Pimplet? No? Too gross?

Yeah, maybe.

OK, how about Tater Tot?