Thursday, August 26, 2010

I'm sorry I'm not writing much this week. It's not that I have nothing to's just that I have nothing to tell that you probably care about. And I know I'm not YOU and I can't make these kinds of decisions FOR YOU, but, well, yeah, actually I can. But since you're here and you're wanting to read, I'll go on and tell you the random stupid things that I KNOW you don't care about, but by god, I'll tell you anyway.

#1 Mr. Bean, our dog, smells like poop. Caca. Like he either rolled in or feasted on crap. (probably both, if we're being honest). I would give him a bath, but the last time I did this, he smelled like Pert Plus for two hours, but my entire bathroom smelled like turd for two days. I have no idea how he manages to pull that off. It's disturbing.

#2 Hopper has, out of nowhere, decided that he does not want me around at bedtime. The kid went from co-sleeping (I know, hush), to only falling asleep in my arms for eleven straight months, to now: Please Lady, get the hell out of my bedroom while I play in this here crib, talk to my stuffed froggie for 30 minutes and then randomly fall instantly asleep...without you or any of your "cuddle" nonsense. I am depressed about it.

#3 Do I need to get rid of all the eggs in the fridge? Really? Because I was sort of wanting an omelette. I NEVER want omelettes..but now that you've told me I can't eat eggs? All I can think about.

Do you see, people?? Do you SEE now what I mean?


Robyn said...

Can't help you with #1, Wilson does that time to time. Thank God they don't lock the doors when I take him in for THEM to wash him.

#2-it's why your having another baby, you get a smaller version of Hop in January!

#3-Fake eggs? Can you have them or is too much of a derivative of the real thing?

Older not wiser said...

I'm with you on the omelet.