Friday, November 05, 2010

hello, is this thing on?

Thanks for not pointing out my grammatical and/or word-like mistakes yesterday, yall. As you can tell, I wasn't quite myself and even if you were to say, "Tub Goblin"?? I'm still unable to manage much more than a look of DUH on my face. Turns out, it wasn't an "either" ear or sinus infection--it's both. oh yay. I'm just checking in before I go face-plant on the couch for the next 4 hours waiting for the antibiotics to kick in. I'm so very very grateful to find out that if you whimper long enough or I guess just give them the stinkeye through that one eye you can still manage to blink without searing pain, they WILL prescribe you something stronger than Tylenol when you're pregnant. Good to know. I opted to come home from work OK, fine, I was told to come home from work and get some rest. They're so cute. They still operate under the belief that I don't live with three dogs who are STILL shredding diapers and are dumb enough to think I will be tickled about it. "LOok Mom, Look what we destroyed for you today! It's one of those things you wrap around the kid's butt!! Remember? it has those tiny little moisture-sucking beads that will spread all over the floor if they don't make us puke first! Isn't it AWESOME?" and I fight the urge to wrap my hands around their little throats and squeeze. Sweet, sweet drugs.

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Jewels said...

LOL@the diaper imagery. I have a benseji. Enough said.