Thursday, November 04, 2010


I would attempt write you all a witty post for Thursday; however, I am pretty sure my wit is stuck in wash somewhere around the 3rd load of laundry I had to do at 4:30 a.m after an all night session of Hop Horfing. He wasn't even over the last bit of illness when the Tum Goblins got 'im. The snot weasels have finally caught up with Sam, so he's felled now too and I am pretty sure that either I now have an ear or sinus infection or that nasty little gnomes have been beating the right side of my head while I was sleeping for that whole hour and a half I got some rest last night. I feel like shit on a shingle. Make that, shit on a brokenshingle. I can't even chew toast. Wash your hands, ladies and germs. We all got the flu shot a month ago. So much for that..

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Jewels said...

Um... good luck with that?