Tuesday, November 02, 2010


As promised, here are some pictures of things alongside my enormous stomach and other highlights from our trip. I briefly considered not posting images from a time when my width is almost equal to my height but then I remembered: there is no amount of sucking in or moving your hips slightly to the side that is going to hide this tum: that particular jig is UP , so i'm just gonna go with it. Feel free to pat the belly through the screen.

My mom is pretty excited about another grandbaby, can you tell?

At one point during the weekend, I thought Sam called me "spherical". When I confronted him about it, he corrected, "No, I said you were a SPHEROID."

Here's me and the Hop on the steps of my dad's house. He had just taken a header down those same steps a minute earlier, leading to him learn his newest word: "OW".

I believe the expression here is, "um, you're not going to try and teach me how to whittle are you?" (old family joke). No son, you get to keep all your fingers. And we won't even make you wear camouflage! Or shoot anything at 4am in the middle of a forest! Or drink Bud Light! But we do hope that, one day, you grow up to use your bass boat as beer cooler because, that's just good planning.

How stinkin' pretty are my neices?

I also love this one of my oldest niece and my mom.

My brother-in-law and what I think is a block of cheese? Or um, large ear swab?

Hopper loves a good swing. Too bad this one comes without a harness. Or safety net. Or maybe just not positioned on a tile porch.

Here he is figuring out he can also climb over the back. Oh yay! BIG drop.

Thank god his Grandpa Mike opted to join him. I think we dodged a bullet.

At another party later that evening, Sam and Steve sit all manly-like on one of those overstuffed bean bag chairs. NOT CUDDLING AT ALL.

While their sons get all wild and crazy and decide to do some laundry.

And we're back to the tum. Dear God.

am rethinking this

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Jewels said...

You can't rethink it now! Too late!

Love the pics. Mostly your commentary though. Better than a comic strip, really.