Monday, December 13, 2010

So, I have pictures from our Yo Gabba Family Extravaganza. I do. Really. Plus video of Biz Markie! But what I don't have is the correct cord that will transmit these images from my new camera to my computer. The cord that I received in the mail approximately 10 days ago that has already gone missing. This is why I own 27 universal card readers, people. (all of which are somewhere around here, dammit).

At any rate, the photos are not, alas, shot after shot of my son's beaming face becoming more and more excited at every song and dance. It's more like a progression of "HEY! I'm HAPPY! THERE APPEAR TO BE LOTS OF OTHER KIDS IN BROBEE HATS WHO ARE ALSO YELLING YO GABBA GABBA INCESSANTLY HERE" to "Oh, hey, YEAH, YO GABBA GABBA, MY BROTHAH (to the kid next to us) to "UH, is it going to be Dancey Dance Time any time.. THIS CENTURY??" (as we wait an extra 15 minutes for the show to start late) to "What the hell is that and WHY IS IT SO LOUD" (as lights go down and music starts) downward spiral to Koala Bear Type clutching of Mother and Father because it is quite dark and oh, QUITE LOUD and apparently, The Hop is not quite up to those type of shenanigans just yet. I think he spent the first part of the show with his head buried in my shoulder. He *eventually* calmed down and started tentatively enjoying himself, about 45 minutes into it. But then they had to go and have a stupid intermission and the whole process started again. He only extracted himself from either my or Sam's clutches when Biz Markie was on stage and then it was only to try and make a run for Biz's lap. (He did not make it, cue the meltdown). So, did he enjoy himself? Hmmm, I think "enjoy" might be a strong word? We might wait a while before the next live show outing. Cancel the Nutcracker tickets.

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