Tuesday, December 14, 2010

NOT "Zygoma"

It may relieve some of you to know that with five weeks left (or less, if the way my stomach seems to be hanging decidedly on a more southern plane is any indication) that Sam and I are slowly filtering down the Name List to something workable. And No, we're not going to share it with you. And also NO: "Cricket" is not on the list, smartass. What is on the list are six names that manage to not annoy either one of us AND: no obscure body parts and/or 80's punk bands or 18th century authors. I KNOW.
Unfortunately, Sam rejected my "she who deals with heartburn for 10 solid months gets two votes" argument so we are going with some sort of weighted ranking/actual MATH method which may not make any sense to me, but at least I know there's nothing on there I wouldn't be able to live with. So, in short, HE WILL HAVE A NAME AND IT WILL NOT BE "

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