Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy 2011--did you get drunk have fun on New Year's? I, um, stayed up til almost 10:30. And woke up briefly at the fireworks going off in the 'hood at midnight. I murmured a sleepy Happy New Years to the mutts and rolled back over asleep. And by "rolled back over" I mean, took ten minutes to do a 12 point turn shifting my knees first, grabbing on to the curtains for balance so I wouldn't tip backwards and then heaved the top part of my body to the other side of the Snoogle. Yeah. The ninth month of pregnancy: so graceful.
Did you make any resolutions? My tendency is to not make any these past few years because a)I am lazy and b). No, really, I am seriously lazy. I still haven't cracked open the Teach Yourself Knitting book I bought on January 2nd of 2006. Besides, I am having a baby in two and a half weeks and oh yeah, turning 40 this year. I have things on my plate already, if you will. Still, I was watching the new Oprah Network (I know, shutup) and they were interviewing Dr. Phil, Suze Orman and someone I have no clue who it is (but I am sure that I should know who it is and the fact that I don't know who it was is why I am still eating sugar donuts 3 times a week instead of practicing kegels or some other thing I'm supposed to be doing, but am not). ANYWAY, so they were talking about resolutions and Dr. Phil says that in order to give our resolutions a chance of succeeding we should always make our resolutions Something SPECIFIC, something MEASURABLE and to give ourselves a TIMELINE and CLEAR GOALS. Then they asked him what his New Year's Resolution was and he said (and I quote), "To slow down and enjoy the moment." HUH??? Dr. Phil: shut up.
So, I briefly considered making a resolution to stop watching so much idiotic TV and then I turned the channel because Real Housewives of Atlanta was coming on.
Baby steps.

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