Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hint: there is not a lot of sleep involved

Universe: Hey Lee, how's it going with having the two boys?

Lee: zzzzz, snnaaarfle--wha? (drooling) I'm sorry, could you repeat the question? What's it like having two clinging marmosets and only one set of arms? Uhhhhh, it's GREAAAAT.

Here's the deal: Everything is fine. Hopper hasn't poked Rowan's eye out or managed to find the soft spot on his head and press inward thereby causing permanent brain damage and/or a skull that looks like it came from an Edvard Munch painting (a slightly big fear of mine, can you tell?). BUT. but. but. but....

The realization that another little body has his parents' full attention and no grandparents to distract him has resulted in Hopper refusing to go to bed this week without being attached to one of us which usually involves him draping his 6 foot limbs along your side and trying to play with your eyelashes which is less charming and more YOU ARE POKING MY EYE, KID.. And yeah, yeah, yeah, i know he's old enough to "cry it out" as they say, but we're talking upwards of 2-3 hours of wailing, awake til 11pm...2am..5am....He is a persistent little cuss and I just don't have that in me, sorry, Ferber. And ROWAN. Good Lord. You know, he's cute and all with his blonde little weatherman hair, but he requires 24 hours of full body contact or he will start screaming til he turns purple and sweaty. Full. Body. Contact. As in, someone must be holding him, preferrably on the chest, upright, in a slight incline. If you want to bounce up and down juuuusssst a little that would be nice. (NOT TOO MUCH OR HE WILL HORF ON YOU AND I MEAN IT). I know, having to snorgle a darling newborn: sounds like torture, right? It's not so bad..until you find out fairly quickly that there is NOTHING ELSE you will be doing AT ALL with your time, or your limbs other than holding him in that position he likes so much. What's that? You'd like to eat? pssshh. Whatever, dude. Sleep?? ONLY IF YOU CAN MANAGE THAT INCLINE/ROCKING THING IN YOUR DREAMS, LADY.

On an individual basis, I can handle the neediness of either one or the other. Together, they are kicking my a#$. We are in a period of adjustment, I know. And I know that maybe next week it will be better (or I will have started self-medicating). But this week: I am TIRED.

And now, lets all say a prayer of thanks to the makers of Baby Bjorn because, seriously, without this thing, I don't get to move around a lot.

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