Monday, February 28, 2011

Remember when I used to talk about things that didn't involve newborns, cranky toddlers or dog farts? Yeah, me neither. But this morning, I managed to put the baby down for a nap. And I mean, NOT IN MY ARMS. Or on my chest or strapped to me in any way! So, I'm feeling a little giddy. For that reason, here is a recommendation for ya. Perissos Viognier.

We had this on Friday night. It is absolutely yummy, and I'm not just saying that because I haven't been drinking for ten months and now I can get all footloose and fancy-free. It's made about an hour from Austin. I'm not a wine geek. I'm just married to one. So when I say "yummy," I generally mean: not sweet and sticky, not puckery tart and smooooooove. Pick some up if you have a hankering for some awesome Texas white. (available at East End Wines, of course).

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Kickin' n Screamin' said...

Yum! Send some back with Dad!!