Friday, April 08, 2011

Two fun doggie events this weekend: KLBJ Dog Day Afternoon at the Triangle from noon to 4pm and Pints for Pups at Independence Brewing Company from noon to 3pm. Both of them benefit area rescue groups, including Cocker Rescue! I will probably go to Dog Day, but will be wishing I had a beer the whole time.
I haven't yet decided to take any of our three. Fergus is a supersweet dog but is terrible on a leash and when out in public,insists on peeing on EVERYTHING in his path, including your leg. The last time I took him to an event, he wizzed on a small child. Hudson is agoraphobic (no, really) which means that you have to actually pick him up and carry him to the car or he'll freeze in terror in the front yard. Then he can barely make it out of the driveway without horfing all over the back seat. Outings: I don't think he likes them. And Mr. Bean is...Mr. Bean. I'm not sure his socialization classes really took. Sigh. How are these my dogs again?

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