Friday, June 24, 2011

File Under: What the?

There's a group of ladies at the daycare that are either working there or drop off the same time I'm there, so we see each other every weekday morning about the same time. Normally, it's "Hey, How's Rowan's Mama?" and I point to the large bags under my eyes and go "up since 4:30 am" and they chuckle and commiserate. And sometimes we talk about other things, like the incredibly stupid and/or innappropriate sayings they put on baby onesies and kid t-shirts. I'm not talking like sarcastic ones "no hablo" (that one actually cracks me up) or ones that are just inane "daddy's my hero!", I'm talking about ones that are DISTURBING on kid's clothing. Like "Take me to Bed or lose me forever!" (next to a teddy bear, I shit you not) or like "Daddy's Little Wing-Man" (really?? Daddy needs a wingman in diapers? How 'bout daddy keep baby home from the bar.) Or, "Mommy's Sloppy Kisser" (Hopper actually has a pajama shirt that says aint right). We've had this informal ongoing contest to see who can come up with the worst one--reporting on new ones we've seen every week. Like the kids shirt I saw that said--"I'd rather be naked." (on a onesie, maybe. On a size 5t shirt, honey, NO). Today, I think I can honestly say that I ran across one that cannot be topped.

"I tore mommy a new one"...above a line of stitches.

I still cannot even speak.