Wednesday, June 22, 2011

how long did it rain?

It rained last night. Like, REAL rain, not like the little *poof* of sprinkles that happened a couple of weeks ago that was so weak, most of it disappeared about 2 feet above the dessicated ground (yeah, that's right, I used "dessicated" for the 2nd time in a blog post in as many weeks, you know why? BECAUSE IT'S ALL DRY AND S@*T). Anyway, so in case you were curious, it rained for over 3 hours last night. I know this because

1:00 AM I was awakened by Mr. Bean barking hysterically in the backyard, having been "locked out" of his dog door by the screen door shutting in the wind, thereby cutting off his access to the house. So, when I went to go let him in he was sopping wet.

2:15AM A newly dried Mr. B planted his stank butt next to my side of the bed where he and Fergus engaged in a fart-off so vile it woke me out of a dead sleep. It was still raining.

2:40AM when my alarm went off for getting up to go pump that LIQUID GOLD that is breastmilk, it was steady pouring outside. The sound of the rain almost lulled me into falling asleep sitting straight up on the couch...if only there weren't suction cups attached to my chest.

3:15AM as Rowan finished his freshly produced bottle and opted NOT to go back to sleep, I noted he thought the lightening and thunder was just delightful. He sat and gurgled at it for a good forty-five minutes.

By the time the puppy started howling at 5:20 this morning, it had stopped though.

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