Sunday, July 10, 2011

Farm Blogging, Day 3 Bear Day

Ok, I'm behind a little. Yesterday was a busy day because it was BEAR DAY to celebrate my father in law's 70th birthday. I thought I was taking photos all day long, but I forgot about the fact that my regular camera is covered in Rowan spit, so those are..uh..a little fuzzy and or unusable. Never fear, I'll be sure to get more shots of lush green things posthaste.

This is my father in law before Sam and Emily caused him to get gray hair.

This is he and Hopper hanging out. I'm pretty sure he was telling him that classic kids story about Jung and Freud and Hopper was smearing yogurt pop up his nose.

Here is Sam's recipe list for banh mi. I think I spelled that right. It's a type of vietnamese sandwich. If you read closely, you'll find that sam is pretty demanding about chopping specifics.

Here is Gram and The Boys on the front porch

And Rowan sitting on dad.

They were out on the lawn listening to the live music. There was a trio--standup bass, dulcimer and guitar. I have no idea what the band's name is. I just refer to them as A Mighty Wind.

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