Monday, July 11, 2011

Farm Blogging, day...I forget what day it is

I have now entered the point of the vacation where I have no sense of what day it is. This could be Saturday for all I know, but I have a sneaking suspicion it isn't. Yesterday was a very lazy day. Put it this way, the day began and ended with naked jaunts in the brook and that was the extent of physical exertion. We spent the morning gorging ourselves over brunch at Aunt Amy's and watching Hopper terrorize Nell the Chicken.

First naked dip in the creek.

This is Amy's very Zen Hen House.

The view of the back of Amy's house.

This is some weird flower type thingie in the backyard. I am such a botanist.

Does anyone else see an alligator here? A zen alligator.

ah, Nell. Thanks for not trying to pluck my son's eyes out. We really appreciate that about you.

Me and Rowan.

Gram and Bear on the back porch.

naked dip in the creek number two.

dad and Hop in the creek. I mean, brook. Brook/creek, what is the difference?

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