Wednesday, July 13, 2011

last day

It's our last morning here at the farm. Later on we get to try and find the 400 binkies and stray socks strewn about the house and pack it all up to head home. I feel fairly sure someone is going to find a hidden animal cracker here in about six months. The last couple of days have been nothing but eating grass (Rowan), learning how to say new things like "artichoke" and "hummingbird" and "I'm COMING, MOM" (which totally means "I am stalling over here as long as I can so I can continue to terrorize the cat and/or jump off a large rock formation I have no business climbing up in the first place"), oh and swimming at the pond. In other words, we've been busy.

Hop spent the first 45 minutes at the pond being deathly afraid of the water. Then, he didn't want to leave.

Rowan likes dipping his toes in

out of trouble...momentarily

This is Hop playing under the tree where we got married

eating grass...what? I'm sure it's good fiber.. ok maybe not the bugs

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