Thursday, September 29, 2011

Other than this

Ok, I know I used to blog like every day and you guys got to see what all I was doing all time and what sorts of things I was into or not into and if I got busy then I'd post one of those "Look! A Shiny Object!" Distraction posts such as pictures of my kids doing something cute or a youtube video of someone else's dog wearing mittens or something (admittedly, those could have used some work). And now I'm just so apparently busy I don't even have time for those anymore. Yeah. I am BUSY. Doing what, you didn't ask? Alrighty then, I'll tell you anyway. These are some of the things that have occupied my time in the last ten days making it impossible for me to keep up with you here.

1). Going to bed early.
Last night I went to bed at 8:45 and it was all I could do to stay up that late. I mean, I got outlasted by the 2 year old. Hopper was still awake when I fell asleep. I know this because I could hear him talking to his curtains as I drifted off (he lifts them up and yells WAHOOO!--it's cute in a SHHHHH YOU'RE KEEPING MOMMY AWAKE NOW kindof way). And no, I don't know why I was so exhausted. I thought it was maybe because I had gotten up at 4am (courtesy of Relentlessly Cheerful Baby), worked all day and then came home and wrangled 2 tiny children and four dogs for several hours, but I do that all the time and manage to stay up til 9:30 at least. Last night, however, I needed that extra 45 minutes of sleep.

2). Hanging with my Sister.
My sister came down from Arkansas and stayed with us last weekend. We got to drink lots of wine, got our eyebrows shaped, executed a major assault on the outlet mall, and gossiped about all of our other family members and facebook friends. Also, she diagnosed me with a nerve injury of the foot while she was here. Good times!

3). Trying to remember how to FTP.
Remember FTP? Yeah, me neither. There was a time in my life when I knew how to do it. That time is not now. I need to know how to FTP at the moment, but I don't, and I just don't have the energy to re-learn it. That brain power is better spent trying to figure out more words that start with the letter Q so that I don't end up losing most of my Words With Friends matches by more than 300 points.

4). Getting Lost.
Last Sunday we wanted to go to Flat Creek Estates, a winery just outside of Austin for a quick tasting. This is supposedly 20 miles outside of Austin (which I equate to 30 minutes or less). Yeah. It took me almost two hours to get there and another almost two hours to get back because we are using a GPS that still has maps from when Texas was part of the @*#ing Louisiana Purchase. That is to say: "Fastest Route" does not mean what I think it means, unless I think it means "HERE, GO TO DALLAS and then TURN AROUND AND STOP BY ON YOUR @*#$ING WAY BACK." Still bitter.

5). Not Training for the 5K I have coming up in LESS THAN 2 WEEKS.
I am scheduled to do a 5k on October 9th. From what I understand, a 5k is something like 3 miles. I can currently manage to go about 3 blocks. I have a Nerve Injury of the Foot! Doesn't that mean I can back out?

6). Looking for the stopwatch that is lost somewhere in some hidden compartment and/or cubbyhole in my desk at work.
It goes off every day at 11:13, 12:35 and 3pm. I don't know where this watch is. I only hear its insidious beebeep...beebeep...beeebeep three times a day, EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. If I could find it, I could smash it with a conveniently placed cudgel or at least, take the batteries out. But I can't find it. And I'm starting to believe that maybe it doesn't even exist.

Maybe the beebeep...beeebeep...beebeep is all in my head. Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something... at 11:13, 12:35 and 3pm. Something like, "Get some sleep...QIVIUT is a word... Go have that foot looked at."

I'm listening, Universe!

just STAAHHOP with the beeping.


Steph said...

Qoph is my favorite Q word for WWF. :-)

Mel Francis said...

I want to know more about this "gossiping" you did. :)