Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Screaming Baby

At the indoor playground:

It's one of those jungle gym, get lost in the climbing tubes til you figure out where the slide is,  overrun with about twenty little boys ranging from toddler to probably 7, so it smells like wet socks and is INCREDIBLY LOUD.  I keep hearing the older kids referring to "the screaming baby." They're plotting ways to hide from The Screaming Baby, as in "Don't go down that way! The Screaming Baby will get you!" and "OH NO, The Screaming Baby is coming down the slide!" and they all run to the other side of the structure. And it occurs to me, after a few minutes, that they're referring to Hopper. Then,  I'm oddly offended for him:  like, huh, that's weird, he's hardly a baby, he's 5 months from being THREE, that's not a BABY, that's kind of mean of them to run away from him like that.  And right about then, Hopper jumps off the slide, grabs the biggest kid in the group by the shirt with both hands, gets on his tippy toes right in the kid's face and goes, "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" and laughs.


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