Sunday, December 04, 2011

Heart Attack #1

yeah, so THIS happened on Friday..

Actually, it's kind of a funny story. OK, no, no it isn't.

Mama Luna started making like she was going to start having puppies on Wednesday. Only, she didn't. And not on Thursday either. (if you want to know what I mean by "make like she was going to start having puppies," I could tell you, but let's.. not.).  So, by Friday we were in a bit of a worried state because when things take that long, that ain't good. We took her in for an ultrasound to make sure everything was alright. They assured me that the pups were all still with us, although, somewhat large and that "we'd be seeing them soon."They sent her home with me at noon. I left her at 12:30 to go back to work, gating off everything that could be gated off, leaving her only one option to go into (the bathroom) because, between you and me, she was way too fat to fit under the bed.  I got home at 5:15 that afternoon to find this:

*BINK*  one, two, THREE puppies

And good little mama, she went right into the bathoom to have them. So, I checked and made sure everyone was ok and settled down to wait for the other at least 3 that we knew were going to be making an appearance.

And waited.



Here's the deal: we KNEW there were six puppies in there because I am a person who hates surprises. You know how everyone secretly loves Surprise Parties on their birthday?  NO.  I do not like. I always want to know what's coming. When I was a kid, my sister and I used to find our christmas presents and unwrap them (Hi Mom!) and wrap them back up. It never made Christmas any less exciting for me. When I was pregnant and people would ask if I was going to find out the sex of the baby, I would be like, ARE YOU INSANE? OF COURSE I AM. Because, seriously, I can't wait nine minutes to see what's in a Crackerjacks box.  So, when I got this pregnant mama two weeks ago, I immediately took her in to the vet for x-rays to find out how many puppies we were going to be dealing with. (And side note: this was helpful not just because I am a crazy person. It can also help matters if you don't know what the father of the pups is, so you don't end up in an emergency situation).

ANYWAY--so yeah, we had seen six skulls and spines. Possibly seven. So while these little three were cute....

So, we waited for hours and hours and hours and there are still no more puppies. I am starting to panic. The boys are asleep. Sam is working and not home. There is NO way I am going to bundle up the boys and the puppies and a mama dog in labor into my car to go to the ER. So, I have no idea what I'm going to do.  I finally get ahold of Sam and he rushes home around midnight. 

Right before I am about to shove everyone into the car and go, I decide to take Mama on one last ditch walk in an effort to maybe stimulate something, uh, down there. She runs outside, takes the world's fastest pee and then races back to the room. "Aww, what a good mama," I think. And then she jumps the gate to my closet. She lands on a pillow and I hear it squeak. Oh. Shit. 

I lift up the pillow and there are not one, but TWO puppies underneath. Squirming around and PISSED. OFF. These were the maddest little bald gerbil-esque little things you've ever seen.  Of course, I would be too if I had just been born and some idiot kept me from my mama for SIX HOURS.  So, while I had been running around in a circle, wringing my hands looking for mama to have more puppies, they were in the closet this whole time.   No milk for hours, and probably the only thing that kept them from getting too cold was that they were covered up by that pillow.DOH. 
So, I get them in with Mama and the rest of the babies in the nice warm birthing bed and she's looking at me like, "I like you and all, but you're kind of an idiot."  I believe that is the look she is conveying here.
So, yeah, that still leaves at least one more right? GAH.  At this point, I am too tired to deal with anything besides tearing my closet apart looking and lifting up furniture and other generalized panic. We opted to wait until the next day to take her in if nothing else materialized by morning.  

She didn't come forth with any more. I didn't find any in my shoes.  I took her in for one last x-ray and they said "All done." What about my sixth puppy??  

According to the vet: "You miscounted. That one right there is probably someone's butt. "

Great.  Actually, I'm fine with that, as long as there are NO MORE SUPRISES. 

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