Monday, March 12, 2012

Disease and Pestilence

And how was your weekend? Mine sucked the first half. For the second weekend in a row, I came down with a stomach virus that completely laid me low for all of Friday, most of Saturday, backing off just in time for me to get better enough to go to work on Monday. oh yay.  We have been fairly lucky this flu/cold season not to have been completely body-slammed like we were last year, but right now, I am just hoping that I can have a weekend this next Friday that doesn't involve 12-14 hours of holding on to a swaying toilet... And that's all we're going to say about that.
Oh, but Speaking of Pestilence:  we took the boys to the Bouncy House yesterday!  The Bouncy House has a name. Damned if I can remember what it is. We just refer to it as "the bouncy house" because that's what Hopper calls it. Afterwards, we took the boys to the asian buffet, or as it's also referred to by Hop as: The Eat House. (say what you will about his lack of vocabulary, he has a gift for accurate description).
Here are some slightly fuzzy photos of the boys playing in the ball pit, or as I like to call it, "The Vat of Disease" (he gets it from me). I'm trying not to think about the germs they just picked up here. It's too soon. Too soon.

And of the inflatables, which I was bouncing on, despite the fact that my sense of equilibrium was still off and I was slightly concerned I was going to break one, or both of my legs.

I took this photo of Rowan right before I fell backwards over some foam thing and did an honest to god tucked body roll. I felt like ninja-like. In reality, it probably looked more like this.

And here are some from the Eat House. Just fyi--if you put pork dumplings and tempura vegetables in front of Rowan, you should probably remove your fingers from the area fairly quickly or they will be chomped.

Chomped because he finally has an upper toof! And holy shit, that sucker HURTS when it makes contact--watch out, I tell ya. But yeah. It's cute.

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