Wednesday, March 14, 2012

No Moose No Peace

About a month ago, we gave up our cable. (I KNOW). It was getting way too expensive and we ended up watching the same few shows that, as it turns out, are pretty much available on Netflix streaming or online, so we thought we'd pocket an extra Ben Franklin a month and just...get rid of it for a while.  To be honest, I haven't missed it.  We'd been long in the clutches of a Thomas the Tank Engine Death Grip and Hopper is still pretty much able to watch his daily 27 viewings of that g#%#% m  episode where the Super Special Bubble Liquid Gets Sploshed and Sir Topham Hatt gets all pissed off because someone isn't being "REALLY USEFUL" (note: you know what else isn't "really useful??":  TOP HATS).
Anyway, so because we haven't had cable, I had no idea that Nick Jr. up and screwed the pooch. Here's a nice explanation here. Scheduling changes, *even MORE* Dora and the truly unforgiveable: gettting rid of Moose and Zee. All in the name of making their network "more educational". Um yeah: whatever. I'm remembering that episode of Dora the Explorer that features an iguana that has to "hold it" for an entire episode and then shit seeds all over Abuelo's garden in rows of ten so the strawberry plants can grow at an accelerated rate (like 10 seconds from seed planting to fruit), so The Strawberry Festival can GO ON. That show is so mindbogglingly psychotic, it exhausts me. 

While I won't be raging on Nick Jr.'s facebook page or staging a protest, I still think it stinks. We really liked you, Moose A. Moose. You were the Youiest. 

days are the sunniest

jokes are the funniest
rabbits are the bunnyiest
hives are the honeyiest
elephants are the tonniest
Troubles – they’re the none-iest
Everywhere I go!
straws are the bendiest
time is the spendiest
cards are the sendiest
books are the lendiest
fun is the pretendiest
friends are the friendliest
everywhere I go!
berriest are the fruitiest
shoes are the bootiest
puppies are the cutiest
treature is the lootiest
teams are the rootiest
horns are the tootiest
everywhere I go!
birds are the tweetiest
candy is the sweetiest
socks are the feetiest
tricks are the treatiest
drums are the beatiest
lunch is the eatiest
everywhere I go!
flowers are the smelliest
jams are jelliest
rain’s the umbrelliest
tales are the telliest
wishing is the welliest
buttons are the belliest
everywhere I go!
skys are the bluiest
cows are the mooiest
gum is the chewiest
ghost are the booiest
goo is the gooeyiest
you can be your youiest
everywhere I go!

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