Thursday, March 01, 2012


So, here's what I've been up to this week. (hint: it involves stinky dogs).  If you don't to click on the link, here is the short version--(edits all mine):

Two Jackasses were running a "suspected" puppy mill (over 100 dogs in crap-covered cages, matted, dirty... of which 45 were cocker spaniels --other breeds there too, everyone of them covered in poop and fleas and filth, nah, no "puppy mill here, folks, we just like our dogs stinky!"). Authorities took the dogs away (and I for one would like to see someone get arrested)---We got half of the cockers, including 2 nursing mommas with litters of 3 and 4, 2 pregnant mommas due any second now and some bottle fed puppies that no one knows who their mommas are.  In short--it's a big ol' MCF, and by MCF I do not mean "minor crisis fo-sho."

 I'm also blogging over on our rescue website about what it's like to foster a puppy mill dog (hint: it is stinky). I keep forgetting that not all twelve of you are friends with me on facebook, so maybe you haven't seen the photos. If you haven't, here are some. These are all post bath and groom. I have some of momma from before the groom, but they're depressing and I think you can actually see the stink radiating off of her. I'm still trying to forget that smell. But anyway, look, puppies!

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