Wednesday, April 04, 2012


We are leaving tomorrow for Little Rock to go spend Easter with my family. It's only about an 8 hour drive, but when you multiply that times the number of diaper changes, subtract the seven Thomas the Tank Engine DVDs and carry the toddler, it ends up being something like two days, give or take.  An added bonus this year is my endless, chest-rattling horking coughing fits that I've had for over a week now . And yes, I've been to the doctor--the medicine I've been given has been thus far...ineffective. The only thing that gives me a few hours relief is if I scarf some of Sam's old codeine cough syrup. It works, but unfortunately, it renders me unable to operate heavy machinery. Like a toothbrush. I can stay awake after taking it, but it makes me extremely floppy-limbed and I suddenly start addressing everyone as "Amigo," so it's generally better if I go ahead and just sleep that next 12 to 14 hours.  Good times!  ought to be a fun trip.

This is our fifth long car trip with Hopper. He's getting to the point now where that whenever he gets antsy we can bribe him with promises of rollercoaster rides or if that does work: outright lies.  Why yes, honey, we ARE going to the Train Store! They sell nothing there but TRAINS! Big trains! Little trains! Trains you can sleep in!   I know it's a long drive, but do you know who works the counter at the Train Store? BOB THE BUILDER.  When we get there, he will forget all about the Train Store because he will get to see his cousin Casey who Hopper has been talking about nonstop since the  last time he saw her two months ago. The only way Casey could get any better in Hopper's eyes is if she actually lived on a train. But then his little 3 year old head might explode.

This is Rowan's first big roadtrip as a toddler. We took him last year when he was barely 3 months old and he slept most of the time. But since Rowan now regularly spends his days climbing light fixtures and licking electrical outlets, I'm guessing hours in the car aren't going to go as smoothly. Beeennnnaaaadrylllllll, I'm sorry, what was that?  I'm JUST KIDDING. Maybe.

Ask me somewhere around Texarkana.

I know, Mr. B, I KNOW.

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Jewels said...

LOL. we are doing the same thing.. with my new fuel-efficient, but much SMALLER car. Somehow we still have to fit us, The Boy, the dog, the dogs STUFF (somehow her bag is bigger than mine), and all the inevitable fluff that comes with easter. I'm thinking it would just be easier to go to work instead.