Friday, March 30, 2012

A Few Friday Things

One of my problems with writing here every day is that I have a retention problem:  I remember topics to write about at about 3:45 am when I am still awake from having lurched into the kitchen to get Rowan his nightly 3:30 am bottle*, but by the time I wake up two hours later, I've forgotten. It's also possible that these ideas were just stupid.
But anyway, instead of big cohesive post, here are just some random Friday things.

1). I can feel his eyes rolling from way over here, but yes, Sam, I bought a MegaMillions Lotto ticket this morning. I understand that the chances are greater that I would be hit by lightning 283,000 times in a row or possibly wake up one morning to discover I really am Sophia Lauren  but regardless, I bought the damned ticket because I believe that SOMEONE has to win and if you don't buy a ticket, that can't ever be you and I had $3.63 in small change in the bottom of my purse, so I might as well spend it on a dream rather than a breakfast combo at Taco Cabana.  If I win I will buy you a breakfast taco. A reeeeeally good one.
2.) This 3:30 am bottle crap is getting old.  I forsee a day very soon when my darling son wakes up at 3:30 am wanting this bottle that I have lovingly (and stupidly, I'll admit) provided for him all this time, but I will roll over, plug my ears and say, "Either get it yourself or Go Back to Sleep, Amigo, Mama needs to SLEEP."  Winter is coming, kid.
3). I am pretty sure I am tubercular. I have had this deep chest cough for a week now that makes me so exhausted all the time. None of the medicine I have taken seems to work and I'm tired of tasting everything through a Hall's Cherry Glaze. Like every other ailment I've gotten in the last three years, I blame the children. The really unfair part of it is, they get sick, get over it in about 12 hours and then pass it to me and I have it for weeks. The other morning when I was bent over hacking, Hopper asked me, "Why you so sick Mommy? Why so sick?" and I said, "I dunno, could be that 2 day period when you COUGHED IN MY FACE  about 80 times."  He then asked if I could stop coughing so he could hear Bob the Builder.

4.) we still have puppies-- They're six weeks old now and turning into Squeakers. In fact, the other morning, when they woke me up at 5:30 am, I thought about peering closely down their throats to see if I could remove the squeaker part. Their cute is the only thing that saves them thus far and even so, I'd say they'd better start ramping it up with the eyelashes. Here are Meggie and Dunstun in the backyard prison pen. They think it's Puppy Guantanamo.
I'll leave you with a cute puppy picture, then, rather than gripe some more about my sad sack lungs. Yall have a good weekend. 

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Jewels said...

oh good because a picture of your lungs would be really disturbing.. plus i'm not sure how you'd get the camera in there without eating it.