Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Random Dinner Conversation

I realized the other day that since my Flip camera died, I don't take much video. I hardly have any of Rowan as a baby which may likely be brought up as some sign of parental favoritism at some point in the future. So, I whipped out the trusty ipod and filmed the boys at dinner tonight. Don't worry, this is far less disgusting than when Rowan had the snot weasels and Hopper kept trying to eat spaghetti with a pair of pliers.

The first is of Rowan doing his bit where he likes to sign that he's "All Done" and then does the sign for "More." Then, "All Done." Then "MORE." Then he laughs and says, just kiddin'.  He is never really "All Done," trust me.

And this is playing Peek-a-boo. You may notice that he'll think it's hilarious the first two times then the third time he  covers his eyes he lets out a big sigh like, "The Novelty, it has passed."

If I can figure out how to fix the audio, I'll post the one of Hopper trying to sing the ABC Song where he gets stuck on the letter P and tries to convince me that they just got rid of that one.


Steph said...

For sound: are you keeping your hand at the bottom where the speaker is? I thought my iPhone sound just sucked until I figured that out.

Stinkydog said...

why yes, that is exactly what I'm doing. ha ha But I am using an ipod, not the iphone. I think the ipod either has a really sucky or not at all microphone..