Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Another Pupdate

More updates on former fosters that have graced these pages.

I fostered Jean Petite Dweezile when he was the size of a guinea pig and I was about 6mths pregnant with Hopper. We were buds. I still remember walking into the shelter where they had housed him in the cat building because he was too tiny for the dog cages. He was literally bouncing from one side of the cage to the other like a ping pong. All the cats around him were looking at me like, "uh, could you remove this thing from our immediate vicinity?"

And here he is now (photo sent by his new mom--that's her tush, not mine, heh). . If anything, I think Diesel --he grew into his more serious Name-- is even cuter now. Damn that dog is cute. 

And Remember that time a couple of years ago when I drove for 8 straight hours across state lines with  five puppies and a 14mth old??? Yeah, me neither, I blocked it out. La la la, I can't heaaarr you... Anyway, here is one of the puppies, Fat Charlie, now named Murphy McGhee. Not only is Murphy McGhee absolutely stunning, he's also a certified therapy dog. Looks AND Brains. Who knew??

Happy Pupdate everyone--more next week!

(thanks to Renee and Ricki for sending these photos and for being such awesome doggie mamas)

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