Saturday, July 21, 2012


So, this morning the Hop wasn't feeling super great so we decided to skip our regular Saturday morning trip to the beach (i.e. the swimming pool at the Y). Instead we went to this toy store in Westlake where they were having some sort of special event: Elmo was visiting, face painting, train tables (oy), etc. We actually waited in line to see Elmo, as it turns out all for naught. Because right before we were going to step in for a hug and a picture, I noticed this:

He wasn't attacked by band of Punk Garden Gnomes that punched him in the eye repeatedly (though I told him he could use that one if he wanted). This is what happens when Hopper gets a mosquito bite. Here, have a closer look.

Apparently, there was a mosquito in the car on the way over and it got him good. Ridiculous, isn't it? He's actually getting better about these bug bites--used to be he'd look like this all day, but this one went down in about 15 minutes. HOWEVER, we still never got any Elmo photos because Elmo was a little low-rent and slightly creepy and this was as close as Hopper would get.

You'll note that Rowan was nowhere near this scenario because he took one look and was all, "AW, HALE NO.  Is that a tracheotomy tube?" And took off.

I miss the swimming pool.

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