Friday, August 17, 2012

Farm Blogging Day 1

We are officially erasing yesterday from our collective memories, as one should always do after a 14 hour+ travel day with two children under the age of 4. If it could have gone wrong, it did. Let's just leave it at that. But today we are at the Farm! It is cloudy and a little warm, but it was 60 degrees this morning and I'll take it.  Today we have already:

had an early morning conversation with Gram about Penguins

watered flowers that did not need watering

ran down the middle of a country road

swam in a pond

perched on a stump

and already given mom one of those, "holy crap, he grew AGAIN" moments. 

This afternoon we may go swimming in a different pond (there are many). And maybe try to catch some bugs.  It beats trying not to throw things at a gate agent at the airport. Or work, for that matter.

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