Saturday, September 29, 2012

Tempting fate

I've spent every free minute in the last week shopping and laundering and packing and trying to figure out how many buddy fruits I can fit into a suitcase (answer: a lot). We leave on Tuesday morning for Shmitally.  A coworker asked me yesterday if I was all ready to go and because I've been packing for a week I nodded and then I said something stupid.SO, so stupid.

 What I said was, "Now if we can just make it til Tuesday without any of us getting siiiiiiiiccc..." and then my voice trailed off because I knew, I KNEW as soon as the word "SICK" left my mouth those words would be floating out there and whatever fates there are to be tempted would SEE those words and one of us would come down with Salmonella (AGAIN, no really) or Avian Flu or something equally debillitating. But left my mouth they did and sure enough:  not even 24 hours later, 4am this morning.
huah huah hooooorrrrf.  #@$(*()@ Shit on a shingle.  Rowan.  And so now we're laying on the couch and trying to feel better. Sigh.

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