Thursday, November 15, 2012

thankful catching up

Have I ever told you how much I hate typing on a tablet? No? Well, let's just say I hate it enough to go without blogging for weeks at a time because this last sentence just took me five goddam minutes to type out and gaaaaaaggghhh this is going to drive me insane. Anyway So. How ya been? It has been a busy few weeks around here what with Halloween and a short trip to Little Rock and then the election (not that I worked on it or anything but there was some strenuous unfriending there for a few days). My point is that half the month has gone by and I am now officially two weeks behind on the Daily "I'm Thankful For" meme and now you have to hear about all of mine in one sitting. Don't worry, half of mine are probably about the abundance of coffee creamer and the death of the Barney. Tvshow so this will be quick. THINGS I AM THANKFUL FOR DAYS 1-14

 Nov. 1: I am thankful that I am 41 years old and still have my mom around.
 Nov. 2: I am thankful for the ability to drive home within a day to see my family even though that day will include 8 hours of driving, 6 cups of coffee and liberal usage of noise cancelling headphones. Nov. 3: I am thankful Rowan managed to only flood the basemnt of my sister's house and not the whole thing.
Nov. 4: I am so thankful that my family can gather in good humor and great love despite divorces and the fact that we are all getting so old and crotchedy. I truly have such a great time when I am with them and I don't see them enough.
Nov. 5: I am greatful to have a job to go to even though that doesn't make Monday mornings any more tolerable.
 Nov. 6: I am grateful to live in a country where you can vote and have your voice heard even if I think you're an idiot and you think I'm a moron and our votes cancel each other out and someone somewhere is gonna be ppissed because that's what always happens but you know, we are damn lucky to be here, all of us.
Nov. 7: I am thankful for the future that all of us have, whether or not we can see it clearly. That may not make a lot of sense to you and I don't want to talk politics because that is something I learned never to do with friends,but my friends, we have a future FULL of possibilities. For some of you, the future you envision cant start til someone else is in office but you know what? Its still there and that's a beautiful thing.
 Nov. 8: I am thankful for a two month run of good health that I am whispering about vewy vewy quietly, BUT YAYYYY FOR GOOD HEALTH!
Nov. 9: I am thankful for wine, but not chardonnay. Chardonnay is currently on my shit list.
 Nov. 10:I am thankful for babysitters so that sometimes I get to go out and have conversations with adults that are not about robots.
Nov. 11: I am thankful that I live in Austin where it never ever snows but occasionally there is a cold front when I get to wear a long sleeved shirt.
Nov. 12: Today like most everyone else I am thankful for Veterans and their families. You deserve much more than just one day.
Nov. 13: I am thankful for occasional days off to relax and for hot tubs because I do not express my gratitude for hot tubs nearly enough.
Nov. 14: I am thankful that there are only 147 iterations of the Power Rangers franchise and not 148 (Power Rangers Mystic Force!Power Rangers In Space! Power Rangers Ninja Storm! Power Rangers CMON NOW QUIT IT) because I can only take so much. I am also thankful for the off switch.


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