Sunday, December 02, 2012

Santa pictures

 We went to our company's "Breakfast with Santa" yesterday. I sortof knew going in that it might be a chancy proposition because I found out earlier in the week that for some reason Hopper believes that Santa Claus is the person responsible for chicken nuggets. I tried reading him "The Night Before Christmas" a few times to set him straight, but it didn't do much to alter his opinion. So much so that when we walked in and I pointed out where Santa would be sitting, Hopper decided he would just go ahead and hide.

I'm sure they'll never find you, son 

Then the boys opted to undecorate the tree. It looks sweet, I know, but trust me, ornaments were flying.

This decoration also was not lit up approximately 10 seconds after I took this shot. Someone may have learned a little lesson about electricity.

When Santa did arrive, Hopper had to be convinced to get within 5 feet. Here is Santa trying to bribe him closer with a paper airplane.

 I took approximately 87 photos that all ended up wonky and blurry and those that WERE clear pretty much looked like my two kids kicking Santa in the nads or thinking about having to poop.

As it turns out, Santa is out of the picture.

At least for now. Til they figure out that I can't make nuggets.

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