Wednesday, January 09, 2013

A more accurate depiction

My friend Shannon posted this to my Facebook wall, commenting, "Look Familiar?" And Ok, FINE. Yes, til about February 2009 that may have been a somewhat accurate portrait of my bedroom. But now? No way. I haven't had that many dogs in my bed til I figured out they all just wanted to slobber on my Snoogle. The sad thing is, that statement is in no, way, shape or form a euphemism. A few things have happened since that time in my life, including, but not limited to the following:
1) Son #1
2) Son #2
3) Hudson got territorial of the bed and won't let any other dog get near it. (Sometimes if he's gotten ahold of some refried beans, I just go ahead and let him have my spot as well). 
4) Fergus got old and often cannot FIND the bed, much less climb up on it.
5) Bean grew up to be an idiot. 
And so, dear reader, I have lovingly (and by "lovingly," I mean: used ALL the highlighters in my desk drawer and my good sharpie) drawn a more accurate depiction of what it looks like in our bed at night these days. Here you go: 
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And in case you are wondering, Yes, Rowan still sleeps with us sometimes. Not all the time, but when he does he assumes the "Flying H" position. I know, I know, it's past time to kick that kid out into his own crib. We do actually put him down in his own bedroom each night. Sometimes he sleeps the whole night through in there and sometimes he wakes up wanting to be with us. What can I say? It's my last kid and I'm a sucker for the snuggle...right up until he turns onto his stomach, clocking me right in the eye with his closed fist and spills the contents of his sippy cup on my pillow. Hudson really does take up more than his fair share, but at least he doesn't try to kill me in my sleep with his poisonfarts. And Bean? Bean is an idiot who doesn't sleep. 

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Older not wiser said...

Wow-I'm very impressed with your Sharpie skills