Monday, January 14, 2013

throwing things

I walked in Hopper's classroom this afternoon juuuuusst in time to see him launch a wooden block that landed smack dab on the side of some kid's head (I am guessing that that means that our days of freelove and kissing classmates are on hiatus), so I did that mom voice thing where I said, "HEY, I SAW THAT, BUDDY."   He immediately jumps up and gives the kid a hug and apologizes before I'm even done spitting out the words about how it's not nice to launch hard objects at other people's heads and then I get the lower lip tremble and the tears start. Thinking I need to drive the point home, I say,  "It's not nice to throw things at people's heads, Hopper, It hurts them." He comes back with, "Well, it's not nice to throw words at me, Mommy, it hurts my FEELINGS."

Me: (sigh) Hopper, it's not nice to throw things.
Hopper:  Mommy, it's not nice to yell.
Me: Hopper, I only yelled at you because you threw something to hurt someone and that wasn't nice.
Hopper: YOU threw something at MY head: WORDS.
Me: that wasn't throwing, that was yelling.
Hopper: I know, Mommy, it's not nice to yell.

And we seriously go through this exact conversation about seven more times before we get to the car and it occurs to me that I am probably not gonna win this argument.

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