Tuesday, January 01, 2013


So, I opted to come up with ONE New Year's Resolution this year. My resolution is to make a list of 13 things to do each day and then actually do them. Yes, that's called cheating. But I figure that I'm such equal parts procrastinator and Doug the dog from the movie "UP" (Squirrel!) that by making a list of 13 things, I can guarantee you that good five of them will get done, at least. This is sure to lead to all sorts of great things happening around here. And by "great things" you should know that I just mean that I'll make a point to remember which week our recycling picks up so we have less a collection of milk jugs and wine bottles taking up the entire laundry room.
 Sam says that at least two of the things on my list each day will be 1). making the list and 2).marking things off the list and this is TOTALLY an exaggeration, how dare he OK, fine, yes, that is probably true. That still leaves at least 11 things! Squirrel!

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